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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

Street Paint Playground Free Download

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Street Paint Playground Free Download

No, we do not host private parties. Magical Bridge Playground is 100% public access. If you are having a party in the park, feel free to come play in the playground. Please remember that food and drink are not allowed inside the playground. There are picnic areas available throughout Red Morton Park. Click here for info. (Note, we are currently renovating the picnic area adjacent to the playground.)

CB7's Environmental Justice Working Group has come together with community members to identify the needs in critical areas of our district for a report for the Mayor's office. The Environmental Justice report for the northern and southern ends of our district addressed pressing issues in the areas between 100th-110th streets from Amsterdam Avenue to Central Park West, and West 58th Street to West 66th Street between Amsterdam and 12th Avenues which include fresh food access, air pollution, waste management and playgrounds/recreational spaces. Please click on the links below to view the reports.

This fitness equipment set consists of 10 free DWG blocks: Air walker, Cross trainer, Core twister, Leg press, Street workout. These AutoCAD blocks can be downloaded in dwg, dxf file formats. The useful models for your outdoor design.

From the freeway, take the Provo Center Street Exit 265 heading west. Continue west until the light at Center Street and 500 West. Turn left and head north until the light at 500 North. Turn right. Continue for 2 blocks, the building is on the left (north) side of the street. 041b061a72


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