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Driver For Acpi Smo8800 1

Without knowing the model of system or the O/S you have it's difficult to say for certain, but it's more than likely you're looking for the Free Fall Sensor driver. You can download it by following the instructions below:

Driver For Acpi Smo8800 1

Hello Sir/s, I have faced the same problem after formating the orginal windows 7 64bit operating system in my dell inspiron N 411z model no it ask every time to install SMO8800 driver for your unknown device in device manager please send me this driver to my e mail adddress,thanks from your kind help

Hi, this driver worked for me in Windows 10 on my 2011 XPS17 x64 (Hardware ID = ACPI\SMO8800) It worked for previous releases of Windows 10, but I had to reinstall it after having installed the very latest Windows 10 Creators Update released just a couple of days ago.

Each Hardware ID is assigned to a particular device by the device manufacturer. Windows operating systems such as Windows 11 use the Hardware ID to match to a specific INF file. INF files are used to install the correct device drivers - that's the software that lets your computer communicate with the device in the most efficient manner.

While a particular device driver is associated with specific Hardware ID, that driver may be compatible with other devices as well. In that case, the INF file would identify one or more Hardware IDs as an exact match, and provide a list of Compatible Hardware IDs for that driver. In many cases, the Compatible Hardware IDs will look similar, with the identifier having only minor variations, particularly in the Device ID portion.

Once you download your new driver, then you need to install it. To install a driver in Windows, you will need to use a built-in utility called Device Manager. It allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them.

If you are having trouble finding the right driver, stop searching and fix driver problems faster with the Automatic Driver Update Utility. Many computer problems are caused by missing or outdated device drivers, especially in Windows 11. If your deskttop or laptop is running slow, or keeps crashing or hanging, there is a good chance that updating your drivers will fix the problem. Automatic updates could save you hours of time.

After you read the technical documentation of your motherboard, next step should be downloading and installing drivers. Microsoft provides driver repository which provides a lot of drivers for your device. Also, your drivers can be installed through Windows Update.

Some drivers can not be installed and they are identified as Unknown device. Based on this name, we can not do research and find proper driver. Do not worry, there is a trick which will help you to identify hardware component and find proper driver.

Few users encouraged problem with Dell computer and notebook because then did not find the proper driver for hardware component identified as an Unknown device with Hardware IDS ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8800 or ACPI\SMO8800. So, what is ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8800 or ACPI\SMO8800? It is ST Microelectronics DE351DL Motion Sensor, the data-protection system included on select Dell products. This system detects sudden acceleration of a laptop and prepares the hard drive mechanism for impact by disengaging the disk drive heads from the hard disk platters. We will show you how to download the driver for ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8800 or ACPI\SMO8800.

7. After downloading the device driver for Free Fall Sensor, you must run the driver executable file, reboot your Dell PC, and make sure that there are no more problematic device or Unknown Device listed in the Device Manager. is designed to help you find drivers quickly and easily. We have the best Driver Updater software Driver Easy which can offer whatever drivers you need. We will keep updating the driver database. Our commitment is to provide you with the latest and most compatible drivers.


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