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Chariton Stepanov

Man Of Darkest Hour (English) 2 Full Movie In Hindi

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man of Darkest Hour (English) 2 full movie in hindi

Elie Wiesel reflected on his relationship with God in writings, speeches, and interviews. He opens his memoir Night by writing about his devout faith and religious education as a young boy. As he witnesses the inhumanity of Auschwitz in Night, Wiesel explains that he began to question God. More than 50 years after liberation, he reflected on this: "What about my faith in you, Master of the Universe? I now realize I never lost it, not even over there, during the darkest hours of my life."3

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It does not matter how strong you are we all face dark times, it is in your darkest hour that you need the most strength. The power of mind to not give up, to hold on to hope, to restore your faith when all seems lost.


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