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Buy Ice Cream Snowballs ((FREE))

This is such an easy dessert idea. You could make the snowballs with any flavor of ice cream and roll them in your favorite candy or nuts. In addition to coconut snowballs, I made Rocky Road Snowballs that my boys especially loved.

buy ice cream snowballs

I LOVE these! When I was a little girl, you could buy snowballs with a fake piece of holy and a candle in them at Christmas. A few years ago, Raleys sold them minus the candle but discontinued them. I was going to make them last Christmas to serve with my Buche de Noel, but time got away. I was going to scoop the ice cream and then give them a thin shell of white chocolate before I rolled them in coconut. I even bought the fake holly. Next Christmas!

Use an ice cream scoop to make glacial globes of velvety vanilla ice cream. The ice cream should be malleable but not melting. I scooped the ice cream out one ball at a time, sticking the carton back in the freezer when it seemed to be getting too soft.

Drop each ice cream ball into the coconut. Lightly press the coconut so it sticks, then carefully place the coated ball into a sandwich sized ziplock plastic bag. Squeeze the ice cream in the bag just like a snowball to firm it up. Add a little more coconut if needed. Zip the bag shut and place it in the freezer while you make the rest of the balls. I got eight out of half a gallon of ice cream.

Brrr, it's been kind of chilly. No matter how cold it gets, there is always room for ice cream. At least that's how I was raised. True story. So many fun memories involving the sweet icy treat growing up. We'd fight over who got the biggest bowl quite frequently. Now, mind you, I don't have any siblings. I'm talking about fighting over it with my parents. Ha! Good times. I also can't forget all the times my dad convinced me to be happy about yet another trip to The Home Depot with promising to stop for some ice cream on the way back. Hey, it worked. What can I say?

As I was gathering up ideas for easy treats, I found a simple recipe for Ice Cream Snowballs over on the Dreyer's website. Funny enough, we don't have that brand of Ice Cream here, but we do have Edy's which is the regional name for ours. Same ice cream, different name, all delish. To make these cute little wintery treats, you just need two ingredients, which is awesome. Just vanilla ice cream and white ice cream toppings. They suggest crushed white chocolate, white sprinkles or coconut flakes. Yummers.

I opted to try it out with shredded coconut and I don't regret it a bit. I just wish my dad lived a little closer so I could share. Now that I'm an adult, I don't mind sharing the larger portion of ice cream and he still doesn't mind eating it. *smile*.

When I was shopping for my vanilla ice cream, I noticed that the vanilla bean flavor had more of a white appearance, so I used that instead of regular vanilla like the recipe calls for. You can obviously use any flavor you want to, it's all good. BUT, that shredded coconut tastes freakin' amazing with the vanilla bean flavored ice cream. Highly recommend!

I placed my ice cream snowballs on wax paper on a baking tray and stuck them in the freezer so they could solidify a bit. These store surprisingly well. After they are firm again, you can put them in a freezer friendly container or freezer bag.

I read your lovely Snowball blog, and found myself wondering how so many families had the exact same tradition. We grew up in San Francisco in the 50's and 60's, and our mother served the snowballs exactly the same way, complete with lights off. And then there were the different ways that members of the family ate them. I ate all the white and saved the yummy frosting until the end. And yes, it was such a disappointment when they switched to plastic holly and leaves. I personally think that was the beginning of the end for the snowballs. This Christmas I'm going to try making them for the family's Christmas Eve dinner - 28 of them! The trick will be to find a frosting that will be as good as the original. And one substitute I will make is to use premium vanilla ice cream, so they won't be quite as white as the bland originals. I'm sure people won't mind that difference in detail.

So my memories are like yours but we had them a bit more often than Christmas Eve. My dad worked for Foremost in Oakland (mechanic) and often brought home ice cream that was past the due date or extras they just gave out.Feeling somewhat nostalgic does anyone have a recipe for those snowballs? I know it's round ice cream but the frosting and wasn't it cocoanut it was rolled in? BTW there is a new Fenton's opened up where the Nut Tree was up I40? Probably not as good as Oakland's.Alan Wilkerson Portland

Hi everyone !My Dad was a Foremost milkman. He would approach our house in his truck and two trailers, honk the diesel horns and I would run out and off wee went to Oakland and San Francisco. Stopping in Gilroy, Dad would hand me a ten dollar bill to get us hamburgers, fries and a shake.We had snowballs all year round. Dad would always bring us the latest Foremost treats, like a new ice cream or yogurt. I still have Dad's Foremost purple hat with a black brim. My memories in that Foremost truck with my Dad are priceless. I felt like a little Prince. I ended up being one of the last Foremost home delivery milkmen. I would love to hear from anyone with Foremost stories. Please write me at princeofcarmel@yahoo.comBJ

Thanks for your comment, Donna. I did try making Snowballs last year, but what I ended up with were frozen hands, lopsided snowballs, and holly trim with red berries that looked a little drunken... They tasted the same, though!

Thanks for the snowball memories....I too was raised in the Bay Area in the 50's and remember the ice cream man stocking our little grocery store with those magical snowballs. Nothing more magical then sitting around the Christmas table with beautiful snowball candles radiating their glow....I too hoped to continue this magic with my family but alas had to make them myself....after many years we still make the vanilla ones for us traditionalists and coconut lovers BUT have created chocolate "Mudballs" for many, some with coconut and some with chocolate chips or flakes.But... All topped with candle and holly...Now the make the glow last, I offer a prize for the family member whose candle stays lit the longest,,,It was an intense competition when my son called out, $100 bill for the winner!"We love our snowballs and would love to be able to buy them.......

Put a sheet of parchment paper on your baking sheet. Scoop out of spoonful of ice cream and round it with your hands. Place it on the parchment paper. Repeat until your baking sheet is full, or until your fingers are frozen and need to warm up.

Luckily for my kids, snowball stands are easy to find where we live. It is, after all, a New Orleans tradition. But what about most days, when we are home, playing in the back yard during a hot summer afternoon and we need something fun to cool off with? Homemade snowballs to the rescue!

We got to love snowballs in our 4 years living in New Orleans :). Excited for this home made version while sweating in AZ! We love ice cream on family night as a rootbeer float, banana split or just plain :).

Center Bricks: Center Bricks are available in stocking, Christmas tree and bell shapes. These vanilla ice cream bricks are filled at the center with either Peppermint or Crème de Menthe Ice Cream. Available in-store for $7.99 and each Center Brick includes eight servings.

Holiday Ice Cream Molds: For more than 60 years we have been making Holiday Ice Cream Molds. These hand-painted, vanilla or crème de menthe ice cream molds come in wreath, bell, Santa Claus and Christmas tree shapes. Holiday Molds are available through special order for $5.49 each. The last day to place an order is Monday, December 14.

What is better on a hot day than your favorite cold treat? With weekend temperatures well into the high 90s, we could all use something to stay cool. From ice cream and snowballs to gelato and frozen daiquiris here are locally owned four places to beat the summer heat.

Nothing quite hits the spot on a sunny day like ice cream, Emmy's Ice Cream Bar is scooping it like no other. From fresh-made ice cream sandwiches and waffle cones to classic malts and gourmet milkshakes, they have something for all ice cream lovers. They carry 16 flavors daily and often switch up the selection. Popular flavors include: What The Emmy, Exhausted Parent, strawberry cheesecake, and banana cream pie. Visit for hours of operation

Full of vanilla flavor. Just like a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream on a beautifully sunshiny day. Yellow in color. Forget the measuring, preservatives, and sweetness profile. We have solved all those factors with our Fun Time Foods ready-to-pour snowball syrups.

Place all six snowballs into a freezer container with a lid, or the coconut will dry out. After freezing for several hours the snowballs are ready to serve. The Pleasant Company Cookbook suggests serving the Snowballs with two ladyfingers. I chose to use a honey wafer cookie and it was a perfect combo. I purchased my cookies in the gourmet food section.

This unique treat features a vanilla cream center that is hand-dipped in dark chocolate and hand-coated in finely shredded coconut. This unique candy, created by Dietsch Brothers, is only available with dark chocolate.

No dessert is complete without the melty, chocolatey flavor of our homemade fudge, which is the perfect complement for any order of ice cream. If you're craving for some homemade fudge, it doesn't get better than Hawaiian Island Snowballs in Duck, NC. Pay us a visit today!

Delicious milkshakes! The space is small so I can imagine lines could get wrong, but we have always had quick and courteous service. Plenty of flavors of ice cream, and even more snow cones. My kids like it, I like it. Its a little expensive, but what can you expect from a tourist town? Lots of seats outside (shared for the plaza). No bathrooms. 041b061a72


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